three months.

by chelseakyaw

THREE. MONTHS. first of all… could he BE anymore handsome? i’m sure he can and will be every passing day! we love our little bear more than anything (obviously) and are enjoying learning along with him in how to be the best parents we can. three months also feels like the beginning of when things get a little bit “easier” in that he’s not as “helpless” as he was before. he communicates with rapid arm movements, his eyes follow us and sounds and things of interest, he smiles and furrows his brows to let us know what he likes or doesn’t like, and he is starting to make different noises! i also enjoy that he can basically hold his head up by himself. 

personality // more and more, forest turns into a baby with severe “fear of missing out” syndrome which includes times of slumber as well. he insists on having one of us hold or touch him 24/7 or else all hell breaks loose. as hard as this is to do things together or get a break, i kinda feel like it means he knows we are safe and trusts us. he’s a sweet and shy little boy – very “pensive” and still takes a little bit to smile. morning times are his favorite and that’s when we get the most smiles. he’s still not laughing yet, but hopefully soon! he hates car rides but loves the car seat, still loves being bounced and loves airplane with dad. bicycle kicks are his favorite because nothing makes him more angry than being gassy and subsequently nothing makes him happier than getting rid of gas.  He loves music, ones with a pop beat (Arnold says sting is his favorite lol) and unfortunately he likes the tv, but who doesn’t? it’s fun colored and makes cool sounds. SUE ME. his favorite thing is the boob and so i guess that also makes me his favorite thing. Arnold is a real close second because he’s lots of fun and does the best noises and moves. 

stuff & things // we aren’t sure how much he weighs, as he doesn’t have a doctors appointment until four months, but he’s almost 24in now!! he’s still wearing 0-3 months and can fit into some of his carters NB. this makes mama happy because for some reason everyone only bought us tiny baby clothes and i would feel bad if he didn’t fit into them. he’s still kind of a chunky tiny little thing – kinda like his parents. small built with a lot of chunk. haha. He’s finally sleeping through the night a little bit better because we sleep-nurse. it’s just better for everyone. we sleep, he sleeps, and he wakes up still from wet diapers and we switch sides and fall asleep quickly. don’t worry, we are safe cosleeping. also he’s such a beautiful baby that a lot of the time, people in public will come up to us and ask us about our little girl. i hate when this happens mostly because it’s creepy older women who you can tell want to grab him, but thankfully, has not happened yet. 

parents // i officially went back to work last week and it’s been a difficult transition. i miss forest so much and get really emotional while pumping. it stresses me out and i’m afraid my supply will suffer, so i try to do everything i can without extending my stay at work during the day and supplying enough milk. as of today, i’m barely pumping enough to break even while i’m at work and have a stash of SEVENTY FIVE oz. i’m actually pretty proud of that because i didn’t start until two weeks before going back. it’s nice to be home with him because we nurse the whole time. he can usually empty one side, be full, and then i can pump the other side and store it. arnold is staying home with forest while i work – he actually had the last two weeks off and today will be our last day together because we will be working opposite for a bit! it won’t last forever as new and big changes will be happening soon!! every sacrifice we make to have one of us with Forest at all times is worth it. no material item means more than being able to know he’s taken care of. one thing that blows is that we can’t take him out much because literally THE SECOND he gets hungry or pees, he screams. he will cry and cry and cry until he’s changed or gets food and i can’t necessarily just sit down in Target and pop him on my boob. i mean… i could. but i’m not comfortable yet. neither of us have taken him out solo either, so i guess he’s gonna have to get used to the world from our home until he can cope better lol.