by chelseakyaw

one of my BIGGEST regrets is that i didn’t take more photos of Forest with my “nice” camera when he was a newborn. Thankfully I have about 3 billion on my cellphone, but I kinda feel like those don’t count. The ones you’re going to see below are a mix of what Bella Baby did and what I had time to do in the hospital.  Between the two of us, I’m not really pleased with the way things turned out. He was fussy, would not be calm unless we were holding him, and there’s a lack of poses or variety in shots. Basically, I could complain and complain for days about little tiny things, but I am forever thankful that I have these because once we got home – between his constant need of being held and learning how to be new parents – I really didn’t have the time or opportunity to take anymore.


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These two photos above were taken by Bella Baby – literally the only reason I bought our disc – because there were photos with me in them. when i take photos, it’s really hard to get myself in there – especially ones like this. i will treasure these images and hope to someday get some big prints to hang because they’re the first photos taken of our small family. Photos like this allow me to look past things that would normally bother me in photos – I’m still super bloated from pregnancy and birth, my belly is like an emptied pouch, and I’m tired AF.











the above photos were shot by our Bella Baby photographer and re-edited by me. I look back at this gallery and sob at how much he has changed in just the three short months that we’ve had him. He still has those adorable squishy & kissable lips – the same lips his daddy has. His fingers & toes are a lot less wrinkled and more plump from all the milk he’s had. Instead of being skinny and tiny, he’s roly-poly and plump and has about 8 chins. He was not even 7 pounds here and our current little 3 monther has just about doubled in weight and grown 5 inches.




seeing Arnold with Forest and being able to capture some of the first moments of him as a father is the best feeling in the whole world. It’s true – you fall into a much deeper kind of love when you watch your partner become a parent, and that is definitely the case with Arnold as he became a dad to Forest. You can see the caution he has for holding his new baby from not being around so many other babies in his life.

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Of all the photos – this. This is my favorite photo ever. I know Arnold cherishes this image as much as I do. As you can see, taking photos of Arnold with Forest is like my favorite thing ever. Remind me to get more of me ;)

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More of the same taken by me <3

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Forest in his first bassinet. Those lips when he sleeps just melts me.