four months. 

by chelseakyaw

it just honestly blows my mind that our little guy is four months old. about this time last year was when we found out we were pregnant, and that in itself is giving me a ton of nostalgia. last summer i was tired AF, nauseous, and scared about what would happen – still tired AF but in a more external way and not a, my-baby-is-using-my-life-force-to-grow, kinda way. less nausea, but still wondering everyday if i’m doing something wrong or how on earth i’m keeping a baby alive BUT we are doing it. he’s alive and thriving and just the best little joy there ever was. 

personality // as the photos show, he’s smiling pretty regularly. for the camera, you get this really goofy scrunched up smile – what a ham. without the camera, he’s got the biggest dimpled smile and it literally melts me. Forest is a morning baby – wakes up ready to play and bounce and move move move. i can’t say that there’s any better way to wake up than to a smiley and happy baby. he’s only laughed once for us, not a belly laugh or anything, and since then he hasn’t laughed again. we are most looking for that milestone. not too long ago, he also decided that car rides were fun again and a good place to nap, so we’ve been taking advantage of that. this next week, we have a mountain trip planned. wish us luck! His favorite toys are the ones that hang from his playmat and bassinet and he loves music. LOVES MUSIC. arnold says his favorite song is “every breath you take” by the Police, but i think he’s partial to Alanis’ “Ironic” ;) In case you were wondering, the bouncy ball is still the *only* way (other than sleep nursing) in which he will fall asleep. my personal hell would be my ass being glued to the damned ball. We keep busy by snuggling, lots of talking, and walking around looking at new things. I have found that he enjoys sites than playing with toys – he likes to be involved and moving around, not so much shaking rattles. 

stuff & things // our 4mo visit to the doctors isn’t until this Friday, but i’m going to guess he’s about 16# and maybe 24in. (update – 15# and 25.5in with a 16.5 head circumference).  He’s still wearing his 3mo clothes – carters fits him perfectly except for the ones with footies are a bit short. i think he will have long legs like his mama! He’s practically grabbing things purposefully, maybe needs a little work grabbing with his thumb, but he’s almost there. he also rolled over for the first time a few weeks ago during tummy time and can hold himself up pretty well in a push up position – when he wants. he’s one of those mood-driven babies who does a lot better with grabbing and rolling over when he’s not hungry or wet or tired. Forest is still being exclusively breast fed and we do not have any plans to start solids on him until he shows interest, his tummy is more mature, and he can hold himself up better. Arnold and I are also starting to sign with him! I know it’s early and we have a ways to go until he starts reciprocating, but i’m excited to see how that improves his mental growth and our communication. 

parents // this last month was probably one of the most rewarding. i have a feeling that we will keep saying that. A week or so ago began the fourth leap – if you’re familiar, you know that there’s a sleep regression and a little bit more cranky, clingy, and crying. he definitely knows that crying will get us and some attention – we are totally okay with that. first of all, i want him to know we are always there for him (and no this won’t turn him spoiled or affect his independence) and secondly, hearing our baby cry is just literally the worst. we are surviving, though, and learning to cope with little sleep and many cups of coffee. I quit my job a few weeks ago in order to stay home full time with him – i’ll discuss this a little bit more in a future blog post. Arnold is working now and trying to decide what kind of career to advance with when we move back to Iowa. ONE MORE MONTH and we will be home!!