five months.

by chelseakyaw

i just recently went back and re-read all of my blog updates for Forest and let me tell you… i am so thankful that we have kept this record to memorialize as much of his growth as possible. it's hard to keep track of everything, but it's been a wonderful refresher to my heart.

personality // little bear's personality has been developing so fast lately & every day he shows us a little bit more of who he is. like i've said before, he's pensive BUT he enjoys being around people. mostly people watching when we go out (like the grocery store or farmer's market) but gets overwhelmed when he's the center of attention. being around family or large groups of friends will bring out the fuss in him, so we try to keep the hang outs down to one-on-one time. i think the secret to get on his good side is to be chill AF (so basically he's like a cat. if you act too into him, it's a turn off) or have boobs that feed him (that's just me so sorry). he doesn't much like to be touched by other people and has a really judgy look. i find that look adorable. hopefully his RBF keeps annoying people away. he also knows exactly what he wants – stubborn and not afraid to voice his opinion ;) he has been giggling periodically. the BOOP sound and fart sounds are the funniest and he LOVES watching videos of himself and also his mirror reflection.

stuff & things // between last month and now has felt like the LONGEST month. maybe it's because we moved across the country (errrr midwest) again, but i just feel like a lot has happened this past month. he is STILL wearing his 3mo clothes and i'm probably going to just start transitioning into his 6mo stuff because i feel that we had a good run with the others. forest loves music, super hot and super cold weather – none of that lame & comfortable 73° shit. he sits up like 79% confidently and can roll but never feels like it. we are getting ready to crawl by kicking off things with the feet! he loves new things all the time and would rather play 24/7 than sleep. one of his favorite things is watching mom and dad talk and then chiming in with his own opinion.

parents // mom & dad both got new jobs, a new home, and just a lot of new new new. i'm personally one of those people who lives for change. i love it. i love new challenges and making every day different. as far as baby things go, i had a minor bit of hair loss – nothing crazy, just a little bit of extra hair in the brush. THANK. GOD. i have a ton of hair but i was really worried about that happening. knock on wood that i'm in the clear. i started to lose a ton more weight so i am *almost* back to my pre-baby goal!! i was hoping i would be there already but when you gain 75#… you need time. tomorrow Arnold will be going back to Colorado for the last time to finish getting our stuff and we will be moving into our new place here! i'm so excited. finally the next chapter of our life is starting! hopefully next month has even better updates!