six months.

by chelseakyaw

you know, all those cliches about time and love and life are true when you have a child. time goes way too fast, you love like you never knew you could, and life really takes on a new meaning. it’s amazing how even through all of the negative emotions, the smallest glimpse of happiness can make it go away – for example, a crying fussy baby for hours smiles at you for a brief second and your frustration is gone. it’s all worth it then.

six months is nothing in the grand scheme of life, but when you watch your child go from this helpless little newborn to a sitting, babbling, smiling & laughing little person – it can really take your breath away. my little boy is more independent. he still needs me and wants me 24/7, but he is turning into his own voice and learning how to express his needs and wants. that’s the coolest thing ever.

personality // while i see him change daily, it’s also kinda amazing to see that a lot of things about Forest have stayed the same. I definitely think that parents have a huge impact on personality and little things like that, but now having a child, I just see that there are quirks that he’s born with and just is. He still requires work for his laughs, his one-sided lip curl smile is the best thing (that one makes me laugh the most but his cheeky smile that squints his eyes is my most favorite), and his brow expressions are what makes him him. I love how he stares at everyone so intently and loves a good serious conversation. little things like that make me believe that he will be a kind and mature soul. While a lot of people say he looks like me, i think he gets his personality and mannerisms from his daddy. I love that Forest is this beautiful perfect mix of us.

stuff & things // our little guy grew over night. he’s now 16# and 9oz. 26.25in. long and a 17in. head. still in the 40th percentile but growing eight on track. i actually thought that he got a lot bigger than the stats showed (because he’s in his 6mo clothes and acting like those won’t fit much more i’m guessing), but he looks much longer and more like a BIG BOY. it’s funny because i thought that back then and am constantly being reminded that I will always be in awe with the growth and change. This month he is sitting up mostly on his own, grabbing things with more accuracy, and sleeping through the night a little bit better. As I type this, he’s napping in my arms. Within the past week he has been rolling and flipping all over the place, even scooting more than normal – we think crawling will be happening sooner than we thought and IDK how i feel about it! he has also been introduced to (small tastes) of avocado, strawberry, sweet potato, banana, and mangos. LOVES strawberries and isn’t sure about the rest yet.

parents // we are finally in the swing of what will probably be our routine for a while. both of us are in our new jobs and the time we get to spend together is little, but it’s worth it not having to put him in daycare. i have to keep telling myself that! we have a little anniversary trip planned for next weekend that i’m super excited about. it’s nowhere special, just an excuse to get away and spend some time as a family. we both miss colorado tremendously. like achingly. i didn’t think it would be this bad, but it is what it is!