eight months.

by chelseakyaw


remember when Forest was seven months and i had a melt down because he was a big boy and no longer a baby? yeah. add more to that and expect it to keep coming because… he’s just more now. and next month he’ll be 9, which means he’s spent just about the same time out as it took to cook him. and. i can’t. even. 😭

personality // everyone always tries to pin characteristics of Forest on either me or Arnold, which i suppose is super natural to do – example “oh he definitely gets this from his dad // that is so something you would do” BUT the coolest thing about creating a human from scratch is that he’s his own. person. he does things only Forest does because he’s unique and amazing and a little ball of the most perfect ever. and that’s what i love. his uniqueness is also what reminds me to chill out and not read into baby advice too much or compare him to others. Forest babbles and laughs and shrieks and screams and makes all the noises. it sounds like he says mama and dada but no context yet, so i don’t think it counts. he loves ALL FOOD and hates the car. i think i would rather have him be a pickier eater and love the car if i had to choose… we are in the car a lot and the screaming is just no fun. but to each their own! he thinks sounds are funny and only likes being tickled on the stomach and armpits if he’s in a good mood. His favorite toy is daddy’s keys (mommas set has bear spray on it) and the outdoors are his favorite. he also loves the kitties and is “learning” everyday to be gentle. he also is the WHINIEST sob there ever was (maybe. i’m also not around babies at all before him) and sometimes i just about die from the insanity it brings me. i wonder how bad i’ve messed him up for him to be so bitchy, but then i try to be positive and think “maybe he does this because he loves me and that’s how he communicates.” but OMG why can’t he communicate in happy little coos instead of the annoying whine sounds. ugh. i also am guessing this means he will be a genius. you never know right? his need for independence but also the cling in him is so very strong. someday i know he will be fully competent, but i love that he needs me.

stuff & things // Everyday, it seems like his arm and leg rolls are disappearing. my squishy baby is turning into a lanky boy and my heart can’t handle it. He still fits into his 3mo sweaters but 9 pants fit him because he’s long (still far too big). we think he will be skinny and lanky like his parents – FYI both arnold and i are 5’7″ and pretty tiny for our genders so if i could take a stab in the dark, i would guess forest will be too. He wants to crawl so badly but only rolls around and twists or pivots to get what he wants. he can go into tummy position from sitting and gets frustrated because he can’t move anywhere. i am still breastfeeding with high hopes to making it to one year and we are still doing baby led weaning. he eats everything. he even ate a whole lemon. he LOVES meat and goes nuts over bacon. the prune packages are his favorite. he inhales them (those are used to help him poop because he gets mad when he can’t poo). we gave him coffee (sue me) and he LOOOOVED it and now goes nuts whenever he sees a mug. he’s a little helper and loves to be involved in whatever we do. i’m not sure how much he weighs or how long he is but we will find out soon!

parents // what’s new with us? just about nothing. the past 8 months have been a lot of us putting our relationship on hold while tending to a very needy baby. but again, that’s okay. we cosleep and coparent and co-everything. some days i just want to be able to give arnold a big long hug without forest seeing and getting jealous that he’s not involved. that’s the type of baby we have. HELP ME. We work and we work and we missed out on halloween and for that, i still feel guilty. We actually made a lot of progress with our financials and without getting into too much details… it was hard but so good. things are getting better. we talk about colorado all. the. time. the feelings we have about missing it are comparable to the worst break up ever… except we’ve never been with anyone worth being sad about so idk 😂 but i imagine colorado feeling like how a broken heart would feel. mark my words! we will move back! we have five year goals. and for those of you who still ask – NO WE ARE NOT HAVING ANOTHER BABY. EVVVVERRRRR. STOP ASKING. ITS RUDE AND YOU ARENT PAYING. i’m sure i’m dramatic, but just don’t.

this month has been a whirlwind!!! on to the next. 🖤