nine months.

by chelseakyaw

happy nine months my sweet boy. you were inside of me for 39 weeks and five days and have been earth side for 39 weeks and 2 days now. that’s insane and a little heartbreaking. you’ve now almost been a real person and apart from me as long as it took to build you. you don’t feel like a baby anymore; you feel more like your own little person. while i beam with pride and joy, i also weep because you’re not so tiny and new anymore.

personality // everyone who stops us in public tells us that Forest has thoughtful eyes. We definitely think that his personality is reflected through his eyes as he’s sweet and quiet and a little bit hesitant. He likes to flirt with white blonde women and loves guys with beards. he also looooooves other babies, especially girl babies. we think that he’s going to grow up to be a serious man with a hidden sense of humor. he (naturally) enjoys trying to play with things he shouldn’t like phones and remotes and outlets and cat tails – his favorite toys are not toys, but kitchen utensils and trash. daddy plays drums and dances to get forest to sleep while momma nurses and snuggles. his favorite place is target and he loves crowds but doesn’t love people touching and talking to him. he’s more of an observer (like his parents)!

stuff & things // since our actual well visit isn’t until next week, i’ll make an educated guess on his stats. 22# and 28in long? maybe. let’s see how good of a judge i am! (apparently not a very good judge. he was only 17.5# and 27.5in along with an 18in head. i’m broken because he’s not following his curve like he should and the doctor is pushing me a bit hard). He’s actively rolling around and scooting and pushing up from a lay down position to sitting. For someone who can’t quite crawl yet, he sure knows how to get where he’s going. He’s also babbling! Nothing purposeful except he’s given us a few momma and dada bursts while lifting his hands and looking at us. that goes in small doses. car rides are hit and miss – it really depends on how tired he is at the time or if he’s too hot or not (runs hot and hates sweaters). he’s also gotten a lot more ticklish this past month especially on his tummy, underarms, and his thighs. food is his favorite thing. ever. EVER. he is happiest with a full tummy and will eat anything and everything.

parents // this last month has been a long one – gearing into the holiday season and adapting to a lot of people things. we are living our daily life and trying to work hard so forest can have a good babyhood. without getting into too much detail online, there are a lot of pain in the ass people causing us a lot of pain in the ass issues and if you’re one of those people and you’re reading this – back off. we are dealing with a lot of new changes in our lives and you’re not helping. actually if you’re reading this and you know someone with a baby, the best thing you can do is quit being controlling and busy and ask them IF they need help and DO WHAT THEY SAY. now is not the time to be selfish and bossy.