merry christmas.

by chelseakyaw

merry christmas. seasons greetings. happy holidays. whatever. here at the kyaw house we have the festiveness kept mostly buried in our hearts, only to come out through a minor splash of christmas lights, a modern tree, and some red pajamas for the baby. a photo shoot here and there, as well. i think this year we will order a pizza because i spent all of the money on butter for treats that i’ll have to eat before the new year because of our ridiculous diet we swear we’ll keep. okay too much honesty? i’ll update our christmas bearings in another blog post with most likely a few more photos. in the meaAannnn time, enjoy these photos. it’s a real bitch taking cute photos of a baby in this setting when said baby hates hats and is drawn to pulling on strings and lights and decorations. our little forest is excited (oh wait, we are) to celebrate the first christmas!!