by chelseakyaw

📷 ya know, i used to be a “photographer” – anyone with a camera can say that, but i worked hard and ran a “mini biz” during college and i think i actually did okay. it paid my bills and was fun, but then i quit because it literally sucked the creativity out of me and took away my love for photography. i miss it sometimes. i miss meeting new people and capturing their life. so 2018 and it’s time to challenge myself with this baby. i’ve only used it a few times since leaving the mountains, mostly for forest newborn/3m/6m/9m/seasonal shoots. i’m excited now to welcome a new year and a 52week goal to shoot memories of our life.

the only rules are there are no rules. grab the camera. shoot. follow no prompts. the prompt will come to you after you’re done shooting. can’t wait to see where this leads me!