week one // real

by chelseakyaw

week one // real

i wanted to start my photography challenge off with some honesty. instead of waiting for the perfect picture or moment, i thought – i’ll just shoot. i think too often with social media, we get caught up in creating the perfect moment so others think we have our shit together and we forget that all moments are perfect.

i’m guilty of staging adorable baby images. making sure his hair is straight and there’s no background clutter. making sure the light and whatever is right. getting him to smile and lay just perfectly. so this week? it’s real. it’s a messy, kinda dark room with toys everywhere. we sleep in the corner nook because i don’t want him to roll off our big people bed at night. the bed isn’t made. he still isn’t completely wiped off from lunch. he’s naked in the middle of winter, and some of you might think he’s cold, but FYI he runs hot. putting on clothes and changing his diaper is hard. i would rather let him be sometimes then put up a fight. on top of the substance, i’ll admit the editing and saturation and the large amount of grain isn’t ideal but who. the. eff. cares. i love it. i’m not gonna follow rules anymore and i will embrace my own style.

i know pictures are worth a thousand words, so maybe it’s a bit redundant to blog after each series, but i am the type of person who likes to know how the photographer felt between their images and what makes them shoot the way they do. i like blogs. i like photos. so that’s what you’ll get with me. 🖤