week two // play

by chelseakyaw

week two // play

these two. the thing i love about arnold is that he plays. i’ll be honest, sometimes it can be annoying when you’re tired and he wants you to be goofy and you’re not in the mood. BUT that kinda guy turns into the kinda dad who plays with his babies. the kinda dad who comes home from a long day of work and grabs his baby to snuggle and toss around. his goofiness and forest’s preference for wild play has created a special bond. i mean, i have the boob, but dads – they play hard.

so week two? play. the look of anticipation and love, a face that rivals the look you get right before the down slope of the roller coaster, and pure joy & happiness from a baby laughing. a dad coming home from work and playing with his baby in the comfort of their home with the last bit of sunlight coming through the windows. my heart.