week three // pagemaster

by chelseakyaw

week three // pagemaster

obviously i’m not getting my weekly themes from anyone else because – pagemaster – but this week just made me think of that movie hardcore. a little boy with the world ahead. an exploration in a library. books upon books. i know to him it’s just a newer place to explore and things to grab, but i hope he comes to love the library for the same reason i do. it’s a place where you can get lost not only in the rows of books, but also in your imagination. Forest and i spent a lot of time in this library during the fall, and i hate to admit – it was the first time we went as a family. we started out playing with the kids toys & books, found a globe to spin, and then made our way to the adventure row upstairs. what a coincidence.

i should have known that this challenge would have turned into 52 weeks of arnold & forest, but can you blame me? they’re my muses. the only people i wish to photograph. i’m looking forward to 49 more weeks of adventures with these two and capturing the little things.