week four // target

by chelseakyaw

week four // target

so if you’ve been following along, you probably know how much forest loooooves Target. like he L O V E S it – with all of the emphasis. we spend a lot of time there, and it’s a regular part of our life. i mean don’t other families? sometimes that’s all we do at night is hang out at Target as a family. weird, maybe? whatever. you find what you love and roll with it. we load our bags with snacks and plop him in the front and stroll around until someone poops their pants or screams. usually it’s Forest. **also yes he’s not buckled in and he’s sucking on the cart buckles. we took precautions.

i thought – what better time to bring my “big girl” camera along than to Target. GENIUS. i’m trying to focus more on the details and capturing the story and i feel that i failed again. i need to stop worrying about ‘the perfect shot’ and capture what’s happening. it’s all perfect. as i go through this gallery, the memory of the shopping trip is fresh in my mind and i wish i would have shot more of other things. you know, like of arnold feeding him little yogurt drops or the time he had a meltdown because he was tired of being tied down or how we let him chew on our groceries to keep him occupied. that’s what i want to do for clients – shoot, shoot, and not worry about the perfect shot. also Target or Library photo shoot anyone? **heart eyes**