eleven months.

by chelseakyaw

in one more month, i will no longer have a baby. i will no longer be able to use the excuse of being a “new parent” – ya know, a year of anything doesn’t make you new anymore. instead, i will have a t o d d l e r. that’s effing scary. so i guess during this 11th month of my baby’s life, i will hold him close and watch him turn into the little boy he’s becoming. ouch.

personality // Forest is the funniest little monkey i’ve ever known. he definitely does things to get a laugh out of us and it kills me. he does these weird faces and noises that (at first) scares me into thinking something’s medically wrong, but then he will burst out laughing. i’m scared at his sense of humor but also proud that he’s such a goof. he loves to laugh and snuggle and blow raspberries on us. while his sense of humor grows, so does his temper. UGH. can i be honest? temper tantrums and crying is 99% of the reason why little kids suck. it’s just annoying and it hits all the right nerves and i never know if i’m doing the right thing. but sometimes it’s funny because he will go into 100% hulk mode because i changed his diaper and he would rather be naked but also he hates being wet. make up your mind little dude. i’ll try to be patient. he loves books, dancing, making a mess of his toys, target shopping, being outside, exploring, and eating.

stuff & things // about halfway through this month, literally overnight, Forest decided that he would start pulling himself up. he does it more and more and will probably be walking soon. we’re also seeing little glimpses of white in his gums, so most likely a little tooth will be cutting through! AHHHH. i’m trying to breastfeed as long as he lets me, so god help me here when he gets teeth. he’s pushing the 12m clothes and will almost be at size 2 diapers. any day now. i’ve always found it a bit ironic that he’s always been wearing the clothes size for his age – meaning they’ve synced up 3m clothes at 3m (etc) – however the doctor claims that he’s on the low end of the charts. maybe babies are just abnormally gigantic nowadays and mines the best? yup. we are still cosleeping and night nursing and breastfeeding and while i hope for a change due to my sanity, if it’s what’s best for him and what he needs, i’ll do it. in his 11 months of life, he hasn’t had much more than a day of sniffles. i am incredibly thankful that he is healthy.

parents // what a month. lots of adulting and conversation about adult stuff. i decided to start taking limited clients for photography, started taking more shifts at work (or offering to help if they need it), and i signed up for the gym. honestly, it has taken me a really long time to recover from a new baby. almost a year. they don’t tell you that before you have children. some people bounce back a lot quicker, but we are all different. 2018 has been great for me and arnold. we are starting to “accept” our lives here in iowa, are putting us first and not letting guilt from others persuade us, and are really making strides in our finances. i’m really proud of us. we also decided for Forest’s first birthday that we won’t be doing a party. maybe that’s for us but honestly? forest does NOT like being around many people who are focused on him. he likes to get out and explore and see new things. rather than spend a lot of money on decorations and food to please others, we are deciding to spending it on Forest and treating him to new experiences. Maybe that’s gonna be our thing for him. If in the future he wants a party and it will make him happy, we will do it. we aren’t so stuck in our ways that we will ignore his wishes ;)