week six // cookie

by chelseakyaw

week six // cookie

forest and his first oreo (full oreo. who are we kidding? i’ve given him bites of this cookie before). it blows my mind when i see moms on social media claiming how their toddlers or children have never had cookies or sweets or they just don’t give them any at all. i’m pretty sure we let forest try a cookie when he was about 7mo. if you’re one of those anti-sugar moms – nothing against you but that’s not how i roll. i’m about balance. his favorite food is broccoli and a cookie here and there isn’t going to kill him. but can we talk about how one child makes such a mess from one cookie? that blows my mind. i can’t wait to see the mess from his birthday cake! we are actually talking about low sugar alternatives for his birthday cake. see, balance? :)

i think that there’s 18 photos up here? 18 photos of him eating a cookie. and details. i’m really excited about this week because i just got so into him eating a cookie. i actually snapped about 50 and culled it down to about 25 so you’re not even seeing all of them. that’s why you should hire me to take your family photos. i know that there are so many moments and things in just a small amount of time that are worth remembering and it’s hard to narrow it down to one! i get it. i’m a crazy mom too.