by chelseakyaw

i could. not. wait. to do his cake smash. i had this adventurer set planned for the outdoors and then iowa winter happened. that’s how it goes when your baby is born towards the end of winter – you can count on the weather being blaaahhh. muddy grounds, wind, cold. ew. you get it. so we improvised. i’ll admit, I was cranky and doubtful (i’m still a little mad that i couldn’t do my magical shoot outside, but this worked). thanks to arnold. so we put a blanket down that could be washed, decorated just a bit, and of course put him in a cute little outfit. i’m guessing these photos will embarrass him someday, but how can i not do it? it’s so much fun for me and i cherish all these shoots.

you can read about our cake heeerrreee – it’s healthy and actually kinda yummy. Forest didn’t really eat a lot of the cake, but i was prepared to prevent a stomach ache just in case. he was SO EXCITED when we brought the cake out and sang happy birthday to him. it melted my momma heart. he more or less had fun grabbing and squishing and trying to throw the cake stand. he was also so happy that he tried to hug the cake. he’s been doing that a lot to things he loves, so i guess he approved.

i’m gonna make you click below again for more photos because there’s a lot and i don’t believe in collages. 🖤🎂