one year.

by chelseakyaw

one year ago i gave birth (click for the birth story!) to a beautiful baby boy. he was born first thing in the morning after a somewhat long night and thus began the start of his life and ours. the amount of joy, love, excitement, aaaand tiredness he brought into our lives has been everything. i know being a parent has really changed us, and some things we miss, but i cannot imagine life without our Forest.

so happy birthday baby boy. we made it a year. my heart breaks as i write this because my tiny little guy is no longer. i only have memories and photographs, but now i have a bigger kid who’s almost walking & talking. you’ll always be my baby and when i look at you as you grow, i’ll still see that little wrinkled, tiny, almost 7 pound squish. a lot has changed in this last year and i’m so excited to see what changes in the next. here’s to our last monthly update.

as you can tell, the last three milestone photos have turned into complete shitshows πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

personality // you are definitely your own little person. i’m writing this as if someday you’ll read this, and i hope you do… anyway. Forest is stubborn and he is strong and opinionated and sassy and sweet and smart. I guess everyone says that about their babies. When he’s tired or hungry, he’s the worst – but as long as he’s fed and has slept, he’s super sweet. Forest loves hugs and kisses and especially doing it to the kitties. they’re his favorite. he also likes to bring me and arnold things and feed us his lunch. we still consider him a velcro baby because he refuses to nap or sleep or really do anything without being on someone. when mom or dad come home, he will crawl to the door with excitement to greet us. being outside in the fresh air truly soothes his soul. he’s a lot like us in that way.

stuff & things // we haven’t gone to his yearly visit yet, so i’ll come back to edit those stats. Okay, his head was 18.75, 29in long, and 19# 9oz. He is wearing 12mo clothes comfortably and is now kiiinda starting to wear size 2 cloth diapers. he’s always been right on track. His favorite food is curry and yogurt puffs and those broccoli tots. yup, we’re lazy sometimes – buuuut he also eats what we are eating most of the time. he’s still only pulling himself up but occasionally he’ll let go of what he’s holding on to and stand with no help. maybe soon we will have a walker. he sucks at napping, table manners, and personal space. forest loves the car (wow so much has changed), drum sticks, trips to target, and dancing to rap music. books are his favorite toy and he loves to hit things with the drum sticks. he also likes cookies and sugary snacks and coffee. oops. Forest loves to pet our kitties and he loves to be sang to. his favorite song is still ABC and twinkle twinkle. he can sign “milk” and knows how to wave hello&gooodbye and will slap his leg to tell you to “come here” and claps. aside from constant incoherent babbling, he’s not really saying any words aside from “momma and dadda” but seems to understand more and more of what we are saying.

parents // i think *finally* things are back to *normal* – or as normal as things will ever be. i physically feel more like myself than i have in about two years and life is becoming more manageable with a clingy child. my bout of being a SAHM will go on until he goes to preschool, but some days i do miss being taken seriously. i’ll probably go into that later but until then, yeah. arnold works so hard at his job and i’m thankful it’s given me the opportunity to be home. we are so excited to spend his birthday weekend in kansas city and are looking forward to a little getaway vacation!