week 10 // color

by chelseakyaw

week ten // color

one thing i am continually challenged with is trying to correct my photos to the true “white balance” and not accepting the colors of the scene. make sense to anyone? am i the only one bothered by that? like how this cat session is almost obnoxiously red and yellow casts, buuuuut that’s the way it is. that’s how the kitchen was painted and that’s how the light hit the cat from the yellow paint and the sun. there is no way to make this photo glossy and full and whatnot because that’s not how it was. and it’s okay! the edit and colors from kitty’s glamour shots depict what it is – a cozy kitchen with warm lighting and a friendly cat who didn’t mind posing in said kitchen. also can we talk about the greatest acceptance from a cat being the head tilt and belly exposure? i kinda feel like getting a cat so comfortable that they roll into submission means i’m doing a good job.