week eleven // mid-day

by chelseakyaw

week eleven // mid-day

ugh. that harsh, mid-day light where the sun is so obnoxious but still fills you with that much needed vitamin D. as a photographer, we dream of perfect light and sun and shadows. not so much that blinding time of the day where it seems impossible to find the right spot. buuuut, sometimes you have to deal and sometimes that’s the only time that works. thankfully, i stay home with my son all day and have that cutie to practice dealing with the harshness of the sun. i thought this week, i’d practice because i’ve booked a few shoots during the not-so-pleasant-mid-day-sun and guess what? i’m excited and confident that i can get those shots even with the most unideal light. so off Forest and i went to a leaf-ridden park filled with bare trees and an extremely bright sun.

i’m actually happy the way things turned out. aside from some minor post processing adjustments, i wanted to leave the photos as close to SOC to emulate how bright the sun was. not sure if anyone else is as notorious for click and looking as i am, but i’m definitely making an effort to just shoot and be in the moment and then go back later. doing that actually allows me to get more shots and be happier… who would have thought. blah blah i need more photographer friends who will talk things with me.