kansas city.

by chelseakyaw

This ain’t our first kansas city rodeo, in fact i blogged a few years ago about it here — kansas city 2015 — I actually really enjoy KC, which is weird maybe, but despite it being another “biggish city” in the midwest, it’s pretty cool. Arnold and I have a habit of falling a little bit in love with every place we visit, and before moving to Denver, we would joke “oh let’s move here” with basically every place we visited – omaha, minneapolis, madison, chicago, kc – ya know. While i think about leaving Iowa basically every day, let’s be real. if we move again, there’s gonna need to be some mountains. i struggle in Iowa everyday because there are no mountains. and there is not a big enough city. my heart lies somewhere beneath new york and swiss alps (if ya catch my drift). anyone else?

arnold and i love getting out and going on “adventures” and i quote that because when you go from hiking national parks every weekend to browsing the midwest, it’s almost laughable in what we deem an adventure now. like, ha. that’s sad. but we are sad. but also happy. anyway, we like adventures and seeing and doing. fortunately, so does our baby. we hate crowds and parties and large groups of people with a narrow focus on us, aaaand so does forest. surprise! so for his first birthday, we decide to get out and go! kansas city it is! he had a wonderful time. literally no meltdowns and fits until we got back to the hotel because he was bored again. when we are out and doing and seeing he’s happy! kiiiiiiinda like his momma and papa.

again. i love the city. tall buildings, old architecture. there’s just so much character. i also love the business and the hustle – like when you’re there, you have a purpose. that’s what i miss most about working downtown denver. i’m 100% a city girl and would rather spend my time there, but only if the mountains weren’t available ;)

near Cliff Drive, one of the oldest places in KC MO. a nice scenic drive (minus the dead winter life) while the baby sleeps. arnold and i love driving around looking at houses and my only wish is that i could see how these people decorate inside! yes. i’m nosy.

urban. there’s just something about the beauty in old and broken and abandoned. and i love it. i love the story it holds for you to create. i don’t like getting into too many situations where i am paranoid about being shot or having my car broken into, so the broken down views i’m exposed to are limited.

one of our favorite things to do is explore new coffee shops. we are insane about coffee. like, it’s a hobby. two of our favorites from the trip is the Roasterie and Black Dog Coffee. highly recommend those two! the most amazing bakery, Bloomin Bakery, has the yummiest macarons.

foooooood. ugh i love me some fresh food. one of our favorite things about kc is their river/city market. it’s like one of the freshest, most affordable, variety of amazing fruits and veggies and spices EVER. there are also a handful of really good restaurants. i’m talking indian, mexican – yummmm. i die a little thinking about the next time we will be able to go back for our favorite foods. I have honestly never been more impressed with a single area of shops.

the kansas city downtown library is amazing and beautiful. i’ve said it before just how much i love libraries, but i loooooove them. most of our time spent here was browsing through the sites and on the roof. yeah, there’s a roof access with great views of the city. please can i go back soon??

one of the first weeks this year with amazing weather! we were lucky to have had sunshine and fresh breeze to keep us happy and outdoors. i was so worried that we would get some gloom or snow but i think we got lucky for our little guy’s first birthday. Loose Park is a new favorite. It’s a big green area with a rose garden in the middle of a rich housing and shopping area of kansas city. i also can’t wait to go back here and bask in some sun and take more photos.

i’m ready for another adventure! might have to go back for arnold’s birthday in a week :)