week thirteen // enrichment

by chelseakyaw

week thirteen // enrichment

enrichment is a term i normally used to associate with animals – you know, things to do with them to keep them busy and amused and from licking themselves to death (not really but sorta) – now as a mom, i realize that toddlers are a lot like animals. i’m always looking for ways to enrich our boy. like, he has thousands of toys but he would rather empty out his diaper drawers or smash things with a drum stick or stick his hand in the trash. you know. tonight we bought him his first art set and set him down in his high chair and taped a paper down and handed him some jumbo crayons. he broke the dragon immediately and smashed it down on the paper like a drum stick. i figured. after us showing him the ropes, he got a little bit better and loved it. i think we will hang his first piece of art on the fridge where it belongs. enjoy the details and experience.