week fourteen // lifestyle

by chelseakyaw

week fourteen // lifestyle

I personally think in-home lifestyle sessions are the best. hear me out. the way they capture your every day life in an artistic way, the memories they hold opposed to a random place outside the home, and the comfort that you naturally have when you’re there. i wish more people would schedule these types of sessions because they’re cozy and sentimental and i love them. a common trend throughout my photo challenge this year (eeeek how am i already on week fourteen?!) is to embrace the every day moments and make them something that feels like art. I’ve noticed a lot of improvement since week one in my doing this and it makes me so eager and excited to use my new skills on future clients. I aaaallllsoooo went back on my sessions from like 2012 and yikes. Thank you to anyone who believed in me then! I hope my eye is better this time around!