week seventeen // hands

by chelseakyaw

week seventeen // hands

whether they hold, caress, work, or gesture – our hands do so much. they tell stories in ways that our words cannot. as crazy as this sounds, i love to observe the way people use their hands when they do everyday things and feel that you can tell a lot about a person by them – in their movement, how they decorate them, and maybe what kind of life they’ve led.

My hands are usually decorated with rings and my nails oftentimes colored with polish. They’re scratched and scarred from an old career in the veterinary field and my love for house cats. they’re soft and smooth because i enjoy self-care and fun scented lotions. they’ve held and they’ve loved. they’ve caressed and they’ve been violent. now they’re stripped and clean.

as a photographer, i watch hands in others – the way a mother holds her son’s hand to comfort him and show closeness as they walk. i was reminded in the second image how they grow as we age – someday that small tiny hand of my own son, which could barely hold on to a finger not too many months ago, will be bigger than my own. a family – how a husband and father holds his wife while their son sets his tiny hand on his mother for support. how the mother cups her child to her body – it’s all beautiful.

how do you see hands in your life?