Stout Family

by chelseakyaw

Blog number one in my completely disorganized website ;) Bare with me. I’m just doing my own thing hoping to show off the first cute family of the season. So, as we all know, I’m “back at it” again with photography. I missed so much working with new people and families and photographing new subjects. I was so thankful that Afton asked me to capture her aaadooooorrable little family. Did you know that our husbands used to be in a band together? I know, right? Pre-baby days. Her little boy Rhys (rhymes with kiss) is 2.5 years old and has the vocabulary that honestly far surpasses mine. ;) He loves flowers and dogs and snacks – I learned that in our short time spent together for our shoot. I also learned that once your baby can run, that’s all they will do – a lesson to hold mine just a little tighter while he’s not running away from me. Anyway, enjoy their love.