whole30 (again).

by chelseakyaw

Chelsea and Arnold (and Forest) do the whole 30 (again). My first blog entry on the whole 30 here and then the reason why i failed here :/

Let me just say… I *really* suck at going through with challenges that are different from what i am *comfortable* with. And without making a lot of excuses, sometimes I give in to the easy way a lot. Like cravings, or pain. Sometimes i still feel guilty about not having the “natural” birth without an epidural because i had told myself nothing would get in the way of that butimramblingaboutnothing and medically that was what was best for us SO.

Back to topic… i side rail a lot. This time Arnold is actually more willing to do this with me, and while I don’t want to place blame on him, it’s SO much easier to do diet things like this when you have your partner on board. Forest has no choice in the matter, I just hope he doesn’t kill me with no puffs or sunny day bars. While I have qualms about being “that mom” who refuses to give my kid sugary stuff, i think that the boost in healthy foods will be good for him. Oh, and for the record, we don’t really load him up with sugar – i just think a cookie now and then isn’t so bad.

So! Even though June is coming up and it’s a perfect month of 30 days, we will be starting our Whole30 experience on a Monday. Memorial day to be exact. Our last day will be June 27. IM READY. let’s do it!! Excited to report with updates!