whole30 • wk1

by chelseakyaw

Chronicling healthy eating adventures. Week one. Whole 30.

So, here I am. One of those “food bloggers” which is ironic because when i look at recipes, i don’t read the whole damned story before the recipe. like, just give me the recipe. i don’t care about your explanation and life tales. BUT as I prepped myself for the whole 30, i read a lot of people’s blogs so i could get an idea of what to expect. I did a lot more research this time around, and if you know me, you know how obsessive i can get on things that really interest me. Last time attempting the whole 30, i just kinda said “let’s do it” and didn’t prep myself. So if you are wanting to do this – prep yoself.

The best advice I heard before jumping in to this was along the lines of Don’t go crazy with a thousand new recipes. Find something you like and stick with it! Okay, but… unlike my husband, i don’t like to eat the same thing every day. He could eat spaghetti or curry every day and me, I enjoy exploring new recipes and gathering new ingredients. But We are definitely sticking with similar ingredients and going off of that. We also are not spending a lot of money on weird new “whole 30 safe” things like salad dressings and mayo and ketchup and bbq. Honestly, do without that. We bought some avocado and coconut oil and made our own ghee and have been able to make things work with that.

DO NOT CHEAT. Don’t allow yourself any exceptions. The Whole 30 is a reset diet. You are cleansing your body of so many terrible craving-inducing, inflammation-causing, and gut-damaging foods. Allowing yourself to drink soy milk because you don’t like coconut milk or adding honey because it’s so hard – don’t do it. follow the rules. this link here from the whole 30 website is really informative. I literally go back to this daily because it’s a reminder of how important it is to follow this “cleanse.” The link also says to stop whining about how hard this is and just do it. I like that. Just get over it for 30 days and do it, but be emotionally ready or else it ain’t gonna be easy.


  • once you get through the first day, it’s a lot easier. that first day when you just wanna say “fuck it **insert excuses list here**” really sucks. Like, you still have your favorite cookies in your pantry or this or that is gonna go bad if you don’t eat it. STFU. ignore it. (this is literally me).
  • you don’t have to be rich to do this. yeah, you’re gonna go to the store a lot because maybe you’ve eaten a pound of apples in the first few days and eating fresh whole foods that can go bad quickly means lots of grocery shopping. If it makes you feel better, we are poor. We have a 1.5 person income for 3 people and are on a budget. We save and spend wisely so it’s possible to do this without breaking bank.
  • the whole 30 is a new way of life. The amount of time it takes to grocery shop and prep and make meals and plan ahead. That is exhausting. We went out on the first day and realized it’s really hard to find anything while 30 compliant while you’re out shopping. but it makes you think – holy shit! We americans eat terribly. All of the foods out there are filled with additives and sugar and that’s disgusting.
  • It’s not all sunshine. Your body doesn’t thank you right away. The sugar withdrawal and the things your body does when it ride itself of toxins. gross. ew. ouch. i’ll leave it there.

So, with that being said – i made it five days before i realized for my best interest, to not continue. I learned a lot though – like how to not depend on sugar but to enjoy it sparingly. Like all good things, balance is key. I also realized that I have a really low blood sugar (i had a health screening which took my sugar levels) even after a full meal of what i thought would be sustaining, and for my health – i decided to not do this. I’m not going to just dive into the same shit, but i need more sustaining foods and this reset wasn’t right for me. Truly my best advice is to see a doctor before you hop into something like this. And they actually recommend that on the website.

Here’s to trying and failing and being OK with that.