week twenty•six // me

by chelseakyaw

week twenty•six // me

This week is a bit of a cheat as I didn’t really take this photo – my husband did – and it’s really nothing special. I’ve actually been feeling really uninspired lately and realizing that we are halfway finished with the year. whew. Running out of ideas and challenges and feeling a bit in a rut. that’s okay right? i hear that’s where the best ideas sprout. if you’re reading this, how do you get out of your creative ruts? i’m trying my hardest to stay along with this challenge and learn along the way!

But i suppose I could use this “time” for a mid year reflection. I would definitely have to say that having a son has helped tremendously with my photography. Before him, my husband and the mountains were my inspiration, but having a little tiny running around really pushes you and lets you connect with what your clients who have families will want. Sometimes you can’t get your baby to smile. that’s okay. but sometimes as a parent, you forget to get those tiny little details, like the way their itty hands hold onto objects like they’re the most precious thing, or the soft curls gathering on their head. i have learned that those are important and sweet and receiving those in a gallery are truly a gift.

i’ve learned to capture essence in harsh light, dim light, and of course sunsets or the calm before the storm. i’ve learned to focus on each tree and not just the forest – yes, both literally and figuratively. i’ve also learned to work my camera and use it to its full function. i’ve learned how to help make people feel beautiful. it’s hard. we all come into a photo shoot really nervous and maybe a little self conscious, but i want to learn about others and what makes them feel good and see how they love their families. when i did photography for the first time years ago, i honestly couldn’t appreciate those things. i somehow mistook family photography as not fully utilizing my camera for art, but it is. i don’t want to get frustrated or make my new families feel frustrated because their kiddo won’t sit and smile – i want to watch you play and love because those moments matter. i want to learn how to make your hesitant boyfriend/fiancé/husband comfortable so he’ll leave the session saying he had fun. i want to capture those lovely ladies so when they get their photos back, they see how gorgeous they really are.

i think, though, what i’ve learned the most is that everything truly is beautiful. i mean it. everything. my favorite photographers are the ones who take an ordinary scene and make you look twice and think to yourself “whoa, i never would have thought to take that photo but it’s so good!” they have made something you see every day into a work of art. You don’t need a bunch of mountains or flowers or models to make a beautiful photo. 💛