week twenty•seven // decor

by chelseakyaw

week twenty•seven // decor

i would say my weekly photo posts are less of a challenge and more of a theme, but ohs wells. why am i justifying this each week? ;)

decor. everyone has it. everyone loves it. this beautiful decor is from a lifestyle newborn session i did this week and i wanted to use it as an opportunity to talk about a few things!! yes, this session was primarily to star a little girl named Natalie, so if you stay tuned, you’ll see some shots with her – but when you hire me for a newborn session in your home, you’ll get some nice photos of that nursery you worked hard at designing. and that’s the joy of a lifestyle shoot – your home is showcased and remembered because a house is not a home without those memories you create inside of them. we barely had a nursery in our first home but i spent some time making it nice for Forest and what i would do to turn back the clocks and get some photos of me and my baby inside of our first place in colorado. it almost brings me to tears, so that’s why i want to capture those tiny moments for you in your home with your new baby. 🖤