week thirty•one // personal

by chelseakyaw

week thirty•one // personal

hello! we are what, five weeks away from the middle of the year? i’ve made it this far and have done this challenge every week. and it’s getting harder and harder to challenge myself, so this week – time for a personal blip. this last week we traveled to Kansas City (again!) and also had a visit from our bestest of friends – tony and deb! i’ve also been in a really really bad personal rut. i blame a lot of things, but definitely having a fussy angry teething toddler doesn’t help. my dragon child is inconsolable beyond measure while teething. like, nothing makes him happy. we thought a getaway would be fun but it was quite the challenge. nothing like a full blown tantrum in the middle of dinner or the hotel or literally every shop we stopped in. sorry everyone.

i can definitely say that this part of motherhood is so challenging. the tantrums and frustration from your child when they can’t communicate their needs. it’s the worst. it really makes you feel like a failure. when that happens, i start to fail everywhere. less cooking, less cleaning, less self care. i start dreading my work and wanting to get away. it’s so hard. sometimes it would be nice to have anyone reach out to me and say “hey, you’re doing great. hang in there” because guess what? i’m doing my best. sometimes my best is okay and sometimes it’s just all about survival.

i’m working on gaining some new creative journeys and pushing myself. i need more creative friends. well, without me getting too personal, just know next weeks challenge has an exciting new effect! stay tuned!