hi! i’m chelsea – a wife & momma. located in Des Moines Iowa. baby wrangler by day and animal wrangler by night – i went to school to be a vet tech, earned a BS in animal science, and am about halfway done with my masters in education – BUT life gifted me with a little boy who i play with and raise during the day. my safe place is the mountains, i use hippie magic (essential oils) for everything all day long, the amount of coffee i consume is ridiculous and can be considered a hobby instead of a means to more energy. i bullet journal, capture light, and live in my head – my camera and notebook are always in my bag. i love the color in life starting from the flowers outside to the clothes in my closet. long drives and a playlist of tunes (90s plz) with my two boys and nothing planned but an adventure is my favorite. my guilty pleasure is anything housewife – think desperate and real. i’m not proud of myself but ya like what ya like.

without my husband arnold, i would be nothing. he’s my other half and soul mate. we’ve been together for almost 8 years and eloped in the mountains in 2015. we complement each other in all the right ways and are complete opposite in all the other right ways. he does the cooking & i prefer the baking. i love the light and he loves the dark. he’s patient and i’m anxious. his calm balances my stubbornness and my pushiness gets his butt going. we have explored all over the midwest and took on Colorado before returning home in Iowa after starting our family. no we aren’t staying here and yes we are hoping to move back. together we cook, hike, and cozy up with our baby.

Forest Orion came into the world on 03.02.17 with bells on. everything i thought i knew about babies was wrong and he continues to reiterate that to me daily. he enjoys trips to target, being outside, hitting everything with drum sticks, food (curry dishes are his favorite), blonde women & men with beards, and cuddles that never end. my most favorite thing about this wise little boy is his will to dance – no matter the place, a song comes on that he likes and he’s dancing. i learn a lot about living life from him. and to those of you wondering – one and done. no. more. babies.

before growing a human, i collected cats. we are what you can call “foster failures” and that’s how you end up with four cats. izzy, kit kat, chunk, and dinah.