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If I know anything about pet owners is that we’re all crazy. Pretty crazy to devote your heart to a creature who might only be on this earth for a decade, right? One thing we all know is that nothing compares to that unconditional love they’ll give you – I know, you dog people are raising an eyebrow thinking “Cats are smug and dogs give the best love!” –  But have you ever had a cat blink their eyes, purr, and do happy paws on your belly?  ;) They are our babies, our confidants, and they leave us a love that lasts forever.

We all have pictures of our pets – probably thousands of close-ups while they were sleeping and just sitting there being cute, but are you in any of them? Let’s change that now before it’s too late. I know it’s not something we like to think about – it’s heart breaking – but there comes a time when we all have to say goodbye to our fur family members. My family is owned by four cats and I’ve always had a pet in my life. That empty hearted feeling you get when they don’t greet you at the door or try to sneak under your covers at night is unbearable. I also worked as a veterinary technician for a few years and now work at the local emergency vet clinic, so I know the pain and sadness all too well that comes with losing an animal.

I offer Joy Sessions to those of you who have a pet that you cherish and because all of us should have beautiful photographs when they’ve left us. I’ve been asked “how can you photograph something so sad” or “who would want photos of their dying pet” but it’s more than that. Our session is intended to celebrate the love and joy while creating an intimate experience that you can keep for a lifetime – something tangible to hold when your pet has left. These sessions are designed to honor your pet and can even help you through the grieving process. Before we meet to take photos, I want to learn about your fur baby and hear about some of your special memories and make our experience about that. Whether it be in your home or outdoors, lets love on your pet a little bit longer and laugh about all the weird things they’ve eaten. I’d love to hear about your pet’s life and the ways they’ve loved you – contact me to book your session.

INVESTMENT FOR JOY SESSIONS ARE $250 and $50 will be donated to your Animal Rescue of choice.