The Odland Family • Iowa Family Photographer

Do you remember when it was Christmastime last year (in Iowa) and we could go outside without a coat on? Me too… me too. Let’s just go back to that time ASAP :) I could also be the happiest person ever if we just kept Christmas lights up everywhere all year round, too. This family just gives me those cozy christmas-time happiness vibes and that’s why I’m blogging them today. Yep, we’re working backwards from last year as I’ve only shot maybe two sessions since the beginning of the year. It’s hibernation time over here in the Kyaw home, but anyway…

Lifestyle, you guys! AND SUNSET. On the same day in the same session! I find myself saying “this is for sure my favorite session” (but confession, I say that after every session!) The best of both worlds and I’ve fallen in love with the idea of spicing things up like this in EVERY session. What I want people to know most before taking their photos, is that you don’t have to be nervous. The beauty of your family is in the everyday moments no matter what. Keep scrolling and keep an eye out for the potential cookie thief! ;)

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