the camera is my go to when it comes to the way i process life. everything i see and feel is captured and kept forever. sure you can stop and enjoy a moment, but wouldn’t it be nice to physically have something to hold and look back on? that’s why i snap a photograph, and that’s why i want to capture those memories for you and yours – so when your baby has grown or when you’re hitting your fifth or fiftieth wedding anniversary, you can look back on that memory and smile and remember how it was back then.

after creating my own family, i realized just how important it was to have family photos – not the ones where you’re all lined up with those fake smiles, but the ones that hold every day life.i want to be a fly on the wall and observe your life, so that means minimal posing and no fancy lights, props, or sets. i won’t tell you to ‘say cheese’ and honestly, i’d like to hide behind my camera and photograph the details of your loves. whether we visit a park or downtown or the natural setting of your home, i want to capture what makes you you. before our session, i’d like to chat and get to know you so we can together create something that fits your uniqueness.

I would love to chat with you and schedule a session for some photos – please email me at for all inquiries or fill out my contact form.