Visual storytelling with a candid & lifestyle approach for all love – starting with you and following your growing family – from portraits & branding to couples & weddings, newborns & families. Wherever you are in your story, let’s freeze time for a moment capture the love around you.

located in DES MOINES IOWA but available for travel

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Hey there :) It’s me – Chelsea Kyaw (say it like the cho in chocolate!) – the photog behind the biz. I’m a wife to Arnold & a momma to a wild toddler named Forest. You’ll either find us snuggled at home with our cats or exploring all the local goodies here in Des Moines IOWA. Like most midwest mommas, I spend an embarrassing amount of time in Target. Not too many things make me happier than going on a road trip with my two guys, a fresh cup of coffee, and a cool podcast. Guess what, I’m a murderino. Pretend you didn’t read that if you don’t know what it is. The mountains are my safe place, I watch too many housewife shows; And I don’t care what anyone says, I will never stop eating cheese.

As a natural observer to the details and nuances around me, the camera became my way of processing life. I love being able to capture the true nature of what something is, like how tiny your new baby’s hand looks as he holds your finger or the way your shy toddler peeks up over your shoulder with a toothless grin. Those moments are the ones we want to remember and that’s why I want to meet you and your loves! When your baby’s hand finally outgrows yours or your now teenager sasses all day (I mean, those are moments worth remembering, too, ha!) – having a memory as a photo is the best way to bring you back. I have a little and in his short almost-two years, I’ve learned that time sure is fleeting. This is why I became a photographer and absolutely love being able to help some really cool people keep their memories forever, too.

I’m really into having your session be about you and what makes you YOU. We’ll get that mantle shot for Grandma – you know the one where you’re all smiling at the camera – but I want to document those moments as you play, explore, and cuddle up with each other. I focus on providing a lifestyle // storyteller approach to all kinds of life, littles, and love with an extra soft-spot for the many stages of motherhood. I’m also an animal person, so yes you can (AND SHOULD) include your pet. Whether we meet up at your home, browse downtown, or enjoy the beauty of nature – I’ll help create a unique experience and a gallery of images customized to you.

My style has a natural light & shadows, bold mood & colors, and an unposed & detail-focused vibe. Visit the FAQ and check out each experience to learn more about my sessions. Ready to connect?  Head on over here to book a session. You can also email me at