Families dancing in the sun, doing their thing, maybe a little bit of chaos. I LOVE THAT. An outdoor family session out by the lake – sometimes Iowa can be really beautiful, but a sweet family and a sunset – perfection. The Brennan family and I met way back last year for their really super hot extended family session – like HOT as in we were melting, but they’re a pretty fire family too! I absolutely love when families come back year after year (I’ve only been doing this a few years, but stiiiilll.) A perfect first day of fall session – we met at Lake Macbride and the five-o errr quint family and I just hung out and played. I have one child, but I’d like to think that I know generally how kids will behave during sessions. I will tell you, 8/10 they’re not going to just sit and smile and do what you say. The stakes are high, folks. Come ready to play and cuddle and DO – we gotta figure out what sweet & unique ways your family smiles together. Come as you are and I will capture that.